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tv   Call-in with Rick Wilson Everything Trump Touches Dies  CSPAN  March 3, 2019 5:06am-5:28am EST

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they're honest. >> hundreds of thousands have gathered here in tucson for the city's book festival. we have a crowd gathered around us. rick wilson joining us to continue the conversation that you were just having. the lines are lit up. >> richard and brentwood, maryland. europe first. >> thank you, good afternoon. i just want to say that your critique of the democratic brain box is spot on. they have become intoxicated by the deliveries which misses the
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ears of the people that they are trying to reach, my question is this, have you put your name in the hat as a possible strategist that you might bring to sobriety back to the brain box that they need to reach the populist because -- i would say this, the man who convinces you to get on his staff, or the gentleman who works, john mccain, to most capable strategist verbalizing the events to the t, i could say that it would be a horse race to which one of those two individuals, in which one of your staff will get the nomination. it's a pleasure to hear you on all of the offerings that you make, the best to you in good health server and it's a pleasure. >> thank you, you are very, very kind. i am in the book business at the moment and talking about where we're going as a country, i have
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not pitched any work for the democratic presidential candidate. >> no longer republican console in question were. >> absolutely, but right now my sector of trying to save conservatism is trying to talk about where we are as a country. trying to articulate the things for my party for 30 years. and slowly but surely drag people back from the national state of pseudo- party that they are in right now. >> you right in the book about democrats and what the caller was talking about, the name of the chapter was that how you got trump, what is it that the democrats did? >> they indulge consistently in the wrong set of policies decisions for the states that they are running in. the truth of the matter, they lost in ohio, wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan. who did they lose, they lost male democrats. why did they lose male democrats, you don't go and say the top is gun-control, you talk
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about jobs, the economy, with a mismatch policy and campaign strategy all the time. they believe all the time, that the things that stoke their ideological fires work for every single american and they don't always work. they also run these campaigns, hillary clinton had no reason to lose florida, she had a prime group of puerto rican refugees who come there who are very much inclined to vote democratic, and yet they went after nothing, they didn't do any work on it, they famously didn't travel to wisconsin, a state that was always going to be a swing state. they make these fundamental decisions that mismatch policy and politics all the time. they are not holistically good at politics. they are great at some things, once in a generation candidate like barack obama, or they'll
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get a policy that people can get behind or they will get a campaign that runs well but they will not have the other elements holistically combined. it's one of those things that it got wrecked and spoiled by success, that selection with bill clinton, and barack obama that they thought they will always have a superstar candidate and hillary was not that first 2016. the defendant 2020. >> those that turn down the 2018 change your mind at all, younger people showing up in the suburban mom et cetera. >> sure, the biggest story in 2018, republican women got a separation agreement from the gop in 16. in 2018 the divorce is final and by 2020 they will probably be filing a restraining order. they broke away from donald trump and republicans as a role. use all 40 seats go democratic. the republican pickups and the senator say what about those, those are states where republicans are supposed to win.
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the drift of educated voters and suburban voters in a female voters from a republican party starts to lead with the democratic chasm. and while millennial's don't turn out, they turned out about 2% higher than they did previously which made a difference for democrats. it may end up forging voter behavior that knocks on down the line. >> let's go to rachel who is been waiting in north carolina. i rachel. >> first of all, i always get nervous when i call in. >> don't be. >> every day either on morning joe, through the day through brian williams and i love you. but i have been trying to find out how i can get two books through the network, one is called the sociopaths beside me and the other is called, the wizard of oz of norse is on.
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if you read those two books, you would realize that trump has no conscience. 99.9% of the social path don't commit murder. they are donald trump. we had consciences. we cannot wrap our mind around somebody that has nothing. he will realize that the population no one will ever understand what he gets away with this because he has no conscience and never will. the personality -- >> she called the president crazy, but do you have any hesitation using our? >> i think donald trump is not like the rest of us, and a lot of fundamental ways. i do think is immoral, i do think -- i'm not a psychiatric evaluation here, but he has a lot of behaviors that do not fit
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with people with the fundamental moral conscience and they don't fit with the person who has ever had accountability in their life at any point. no one has ever checked his impulses, desires, he is like a walking human aid. >> juliet massachusetts, your next. >> hello, so great to speak with you. it's a privilege. my primary source of news, cspan, and my watcher in the morning, "washington journal" for three hours, i was surprised to see rick wilson interest on the panel, i read all spectrums of news and watch fox as well as msnbc and cnn. i am one of those 90 million people who do watch fox because i love to see all sides of the spectrum as far as the news is concerned. but my question is, he did admit
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that donald trump will give the winner of the 2020 election -- skews me -- there is not one candidate that any of your three panels could say when the person from the audience asked you point-blank, who do you see out of all of the 13 or more candidates who have announced, here's the bottom line is the corporate personality help president trump is a man at detecting a notion of the personality at large even though you say all the somewhat hominid attacks against him. that's beside the point, look at his policies, look at the gdp, 3%. like the unemployment rate of almost all -- you might think she is talking about box, no i watch msnbc, read the new york times -- >> okay, julia, i get it, i get
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your point. it's a great seminar colorpoint but i'm going to say this. i chose not to identify one of the democrats today because it's not my job to pick the democrat for the canada party. i gave my analysis of it because that is where i think it is at this moment in time. i have the identified the structural form of the democratic party but the things that donald trump has, puts up as his talking points for his achievements are incidental or carryovers from the fact that the fed decided to loan the u.s. a ton of money during the first financial crisis in 2009 as a knock on effect. there's not a whole lot of policy things that will end up depriving people to vote for donald trump in terms of the overall economics situation especially because we look like we are on the different economic times that we have been for the last ten years. as for dashes not ad hominem
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when it's true. >> bernie sanders announced today officially. he is also in this race and as the caller said we are in double digits for the candidates. what do you think the alamo that is when you saw that in 2016. bernie sanders was a proximate reason for hillary clinton's loss. he is a bad loser and a sore loser. a lot of his varney pops after the race in the ended up being a faction inside of this thing. i don't know how many votes varney got but he lost nationwide. if he had been more gracious about it and more on the squad about it, it would've been a different environment. there is a real chance that the other democratic major candidates they can win the nomination in and up with grumpy burning in the corner still sandbagging him from behind like he did hillary clinton.
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>> alabama next, michael. >> i happened to be from rear and alabama. whatever it's called. [laughter] i do agree that too many people going back at least to 1964 when i was just an infant to say nothing of southern white males, we too often voted for people are against, not in our best interests. two questions, first of all, i am a huge fan of president carter no matter how many mistakes or few mistakes he made. i really feel that the democratic party can get more of those undecided swing voters in rural america and unemployed
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white males if they can get a progressivists candidate who's a born-again sage christian like emma ty etzioni's wonderful communitarian theories, black church denominations, united states catholic conference, many jewish organizations. how do you think the prospects are for the democratic party to have such person in the future? >> okay color, let's have rick take your questions. >> i think that there are enormous members of american voters who are religiously driven, who are not driven by the same package of ideological checklist items that even general.
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although in focus groups for many, many years now, a lot of those people look at the democratic party as hostile to all religion even if it's not that they view it that way in that demographic set. it's kind of an issue that they struggled with, even though barack obama and bill clinton were christians, contrary to beliefs, then come across as being hostile in relation to fundamental ways. >> as she was talking about, somebody who could be rural america, i was thinking about the recent texas. in the possibility that he could get in this race. >> he is a skilled candidate, and has a near-death experience. [laughter] and i'm using that one again. he gave ted cruz and near death experience in texas. but the question is can you
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scale, can you raise in this field the same proportion of money, can you demonstrate bigger things of being congressmen. there is a reason for a long time by senators and governors became president. the larger scale to the ability to bring message to media and money altogether one time. he is a very charismatic candidate in the big field. i think he would've been better suited in my opinion to postop because texas is changing and changing rapidly. but the fact of the matter is, he is a guy who has a big e-mail list and a big base right now. >> let's go to another michael in kingman, arizona. >> hi, i am thankful for your great sense of humor. you make me laugh in times like these. this is uplifting. thank you. i was wondering if you share my concerns about the rhetoric of
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violence from the trump campaign from him himself towards reporters, towards people, enemies of the state. this is a real concern of mine mine -- this rhetoric will escalate in violence. >> michael you're correct, the constant repetition of the enemies of the state and the people, against the press and the idea of a free press in general. i think it's corrosive and dangerous her country. i wish the presidents would stop and anticipate that he will. >> napa california. >> thank you for taking my call. hello mr. wilson, he made a comment about north dakota, i
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have no political party affiliation. it seems to me that republicans, democrats and conservatives and liberals, those terms are meaningless. especially at the presidential level. it seems to me to it wall street. my question, he made the comment about north dakota and as you may know or probably know, that is the only state that has a public banking system, i'd like to ask you what do you think about that. >> i have no knowledge of that but i appreciate your call. [laughter] >> i want to get your thoughts on the michael cohen hearing for the past week, as you heard him testify that he is a decade-long relationship with the president will rethink it? >> i wasn't surprised by what michael cohen was revealing, but i was fascinated by the struggle of a person who was inside the
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heart of the colts for ten years. who did the dirtiest deeds and took care of the stickiest nastiest situations. for this president. he was a guy who was so deeply embedded with trump's world that he was handling the payouts to the girlfriends, and the payouts to the films start -- porn stars, all of that, watching him have that moment where he knew he was going to jail for things he did for donald trump and the only thing that he is left, and the only card he has left to play is to come out and confess. , and talk it through. i think that he was extracting a moral event on donald trump by telling the truth. by coming out and saying he wanted to do this, i did that. he also did something that i thought was more clever than trump's fans of thoughts through, he opened up all these new venues for the congressional investigators, he verified things on record, as much as aoc
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is a controversial figure, that entire day was leading up to her question in many ways. it wasn't about russia, the girls, the money it was about the tax returns. >> do you think that testimony in whatever follows has any impact on republicans. >> no. they don't care. michael cooling can produce a picture of donald trump eating the lead baby at the kitchen table and they would say 0 he would need o never eat a light baby. they rationalize every one of his bad behaviors. i don't think you ever would see them turn on him at this point based on fundamental evidence. i have lost faith and is no longer about policy or politics or the president, it's a personality cult and personality cults always look away from the leaders loss. >> when does the republican party in your opinion change, make the changes that you think they need to make questioning. >> i don't see it on the near horizon. i think they need to have an electoral to chastity
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intergenerational time in the world and us because we are by not right now. how do you work as a party if you alienate educated women. how do you work it apart as a party if you alienate african-americans, drilling in the message that this is all about one guy, nationalist populism and all about sadism, and not about a broad party that has a message that could reach people across all demographics. >> d is watching us in california, your turn. [inaudible] >> i'm going to go on. sonja in ohio. look into the conversation. [inaudible]
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>> great thank you for taking my call. i do have a comment for rick, the reason that she mentioned that democrats lost because they talked about gun control in ohio and wisconsin and so forth, and i disagree with that. i believe that he lost, trump's one because barack obama was president. barack obama was a black man and trump came out and he told the people, you guys would've for a black man, what the heck, this is not your country, this is not what the united states is about and they say yep, that's what we are thinking along, and we are not going back in that direction. so the reason trump was elected was basically because of racism and i don't know how you fix that. >> sonia i don't know if he notices but hillary clinton wasn't black. hillary clinton was a famous people in american politics.
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in this race came down -- it wasn't for trump and his messaging on hillary clinton -- on barack obama, his reference on hillary clinton. she was unable to mount the crack campaign to defeat donald trump at the end of the day. i'm not disputing the fact that trump has a lot of messaging that is racially charged. but at this point, he relatively had little messaging about obama, but it was all about crooked hillary. >> your book is out in paperback, ngt, time for volume two,. >> it looks like it's time for volume two, i have news on that soon. what would you write about questioning. >> the president writes it for me and a lot of ways every day. [laughter] >> a republican


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